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Homestay England

Come to homestay with Homestay England in the pretty English countryside and enjoy the beauty and relaxation of the English spring and summer.

1 Week Homestay Packages

Would you like to stay in England to experience English country life?

4 Day Homestay Packages

Short homestay packages which are designed for you to experience the very best of England.

60+ Homestay Packages

Designed for people aged 50 and over, who are young at heart and who wish to explore the freedom of an English Countryside homestay, to improve their English conversation in an enjoyable way and to visit spectacular English places

English Language Homestay

Learn English in England by taking our intensive English lessons. This total immersion homestay package provides maximum opportunity for natural and rapid progress in English language learning through support by native English speakers.

English Language & Hobby Packages

The opportunities to learn about English Tea and Cake, English Antiques and English Flower Arranging are now available in addition to learning about Aromatherapy, British Baking and English Gardening.

English Baking Homestay

A British Baking homestay with Homestay England is a must for anyone interested in learning traditional baking techniques and enjoying the delicious tastes of British baking.

Homestay Accommodation

Our spacious home and garden are perfect for a comfortable and welcoming stay. There are three twin guest rooms which can be used for single or double occupancy.



Our spacious home and garden are perfect for a comfortable and welcoming stay. There are three twin guest rooms which can be used for single or double occupancy.


Cath Kidston Room

This cheerful room with a garden view contains two single beds, so is suitable for a guest plus their friend or a family member. A soothing room with beautiful pastel decor and views of the garden and farmland.


Rose Room

This is a pretty twin room with rose design soft furnishings. It is suitable for a guest on their own or with a friend or relative.


Cottage Garden Room

This peaceful, spacious twin room is situated at the end of the house with a view overlooking the fields, which often contain horses, sheep and a variety of fowl depending upon the season.


Thank you for everything. I really enjoyed staying here. Russ’s garden is very pretty and beautiful. I love the dinner that Patricia cooked. Especially Patricia’s sweets make me happy. Good memories with Russ and Patricia become and precious treasure in my life!!

Hambo Tada


We love your beautiful cottage garden, lovely room delicious dishes and smile and thank you for long distance drive to Lyme Park. We’re so happy because our wish finally came true. My memory will never fade!! Thank you for everything done for us.

Noriko and Mai


Thank you for having me in such a beautiful house!! I had wonderful time with both of you!! I really enjoyed flower arrangement this time and I get interested in studying flower arrangement more. I loved the life of Skillington and I spent relaxing time as well.



Thank you for your kindness. I am very very happy! Thank you for the full love. I would like to come here again. See you again.



Thank you for everything, all meals very very very delicious! Thank you for your kindness to teaching English. It makes uneasy to understand. We don’t forget this wonderful time!! very very fantastic!!


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Wallstreet Image

Historic Village

A settlement in Skillington is thought to have been in place since Anglo Saxon times.

Quaint and Peaceful

Skillington above all is a quaint, peaceful Lincolnshire village where life is slow and people so friendly.

Great Location

There are many things to see and do around Skillington. Belton House, Belvoir Castle, Rutland Water, Sherwood Forest, Chatsworth and more.