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English Gardening Homestay

English Gardening Homestay

Russ's gardening books
Happy Greenhouse Gardeners

This homestay is designed for those people who are interested in learning about English gardening. The tuition will be given by Russ Yates, the former gardening advisor to the British Embassy in Japan and author of the above books.

Enjoy using your homestay garden to learn many aspects of regular garden maintenance. Take up the challenge of mowing and edging the lawn. But most importantly relax in an English country garden.

Propagation lesson
Beautiful borders

This course is matched to the individual needs of the students and is therefore suitable for gardeners of all abilities from beginners to professionals. You will learn different methods of propagation to increase the number of plants you can grow economically.

Learn about the different methods of pruning relevant to the seasons of the year. Have fun carrying out these interesting tasks.

Choose plants to make a container for the garden.
Enjoying time in a small private garden.

Gain pleasure from visiting both quaint private and impressive public gardens to develop English gardening ideas to take back home and use in your garden or balcony.
Your gardening homestay with Homestay England will be unforgettable!

**Dates available all year around**

English Gardening Homestay Package Price:
7 Day (6 Nights) £1,035.00

Package includes the following :-

Private bedroom
Transport to and from the local Grantham railway station
English tutor or tour guide
All tuition and material fees
Transport to and from venues
Free Wi-Fi in all rooms

7 Day Example Schedule:

Day 1: Arrival at your homestay destination (p.m.)

Day 2: Introduction to the garden (a.m.)
Discuss the design, planting and organisation of your homestay garden. Enjoy plant identification and plant care.

Garden Centre visit (p.m.)
Visit one of Britain's largest gardening superstores to see plants and other gardening merchandise on sale. You may want to pick up a bargain or shop for gifts!

Day 3: Regular Maintenance (a.m.)
Learn how to maintain a healthy looking lawn and garden. Have fun carrying out the practical tasks to ensure this.

Private garden visit (p.m.)
Visit a beautiful local private garden to look at the owners expertise and chat with them over tea.

Day 4: Pruning (a.m.)
Learn about the different methods of pruning and when to prune the most popular plants. Practise some of these skills.

Relaxation time (p.m.)
Relax in the peaceful garden, home, village or surrounding countryside.

Day 5: Propagation (a.m.)
Learn the many methods of increasing plants by growing from seed to taking cuttings. Carry out some of these tasks with plants from the garden and practise this useful money saving skill..

Barnsdale Gardens (p.m.)
Visit Barnsdale garden which was created during the production of BBC Gardener's World programme on national television over 17 years. This garden for all seasons is made up of 37 small individual gardens of various styles so is abundant with new ideas for the gardening enthusiast.

Day 6: Containers (a.m.)
Learn about the different colour combinations involved in making a stunning container for the garden or balcony by using a variety of materials and plants. Make a container and leave a lasting memory of your time at Coles Yard.

Relaxation time (p.m.)
Relax in the peaceful garden, home, village or surrounding countryside. Organise your packing at your leisure.

Day 7: Departure to your onward destination (a.m.)