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English Herb Cooking Homestay

English Herb Cooking Homestay

This homestay is designed for those people who are interested in learning how to cook tasty traditional English food using healthy, organically grown herbs and vegetables.

Make delicious herb roast chicken
Delicious salmon in orange and tarragon sauce

The delicious home cooking that is produced in our traditional country kitchen dispels the myth that English food cannot be tasty. Home grown produce combined with flavoursome herbs has never yet failed to impress a homestay guest.

Enjoy cooking with fresh ingredients to produce mouth watering dishes such as salmon in orange and tarragon sauce. Lincolnshire offers the freshest produce, growing one-fifth of Britain's food.

Studying the organic produce in the kitchen garden.
Nigella flowers to bring in the insects.

We also grow a selection of vegetables and herbs in our kitchen garden. Growing organically we rely on nature to protect the crops and we conscientiously provide food for the local bird population and grow flowers that will bring in helpful insects, including beautiful butterflies.

Enjoy learning about the most useful herbs for making soothing herb teas, healthy salad dressings and tasty traditional English dishes.

Enjoy making delicious, organic tea from the garden
Visit a local specialist Herb Nursery

**Dates available all year around**

English Cooking Homestay Package Price:
7 Day (6 Nights) £1,035.00

Package includes the following :-

Private bedroom
Transport to and from the local Grantham railway station
English tutor or tour guide
All tuition and material fees
Transport to and from venues
Free Wi-Fi in all rooms

7 Day Example Schedule:

Day 1: Arrival at your homestay destination (p.m.)

Day 2: Introduction to Herbs (a.m.)
Learn about popular English country garden herbs. Herb identification and preparation. Recipes for herb teas and salad dressings.

Herby Cottage Pie (p.m.)
Learn how to make this traditional English potato topped pie. Follow this by making a delicious cinnamon bread and butter pudding dessert.

Day 3: Thyme Hot Pot (a.m.)
Enjoy making this tasty meat dish which is a well known, complete meal in a pot.

Traditional Afternoon Tea with Herbs (p.m.)
Help to make and serve traditional British Afternoon Tea featuring irresistible herb scones and home made jam.

Day 4: Shopping (a.m.)
Explore the local shops for gifts and mementos.

Sage Chicken & Peach and Basil Crumble (p.m.)
Experience making herb butter and use this to flavour a roast chicken dinner accompanied with old-fashioned mixed herb stuffing. You will not forget the flavour of the peach and basil crumble you will bake for dessert.

Day 5: Relaxation time (a.m.)
Relax in the peaceful garden, home, village or surrounding countryside.

Salmon in Orange Tarragon Sauce & Fresh Fruit Mint Trifle (p.m.)
Prepare this succulent fish dish and indulge in creating a pretty fresh fruit and mint trifle.

Day 6: Visit a Herb Nursery (a.m.)
Have a relaxing visit to a local herb nursery to learn more about the culinary and healing use of a large variety of herbs.

Cauliflower Chive Cheese & Apple Sage Cake (p.m.)
Make cauliflower cheese following Patricia’s recipe which transforms this usual side dish into a mouth watering main course. Bake an unforgettable apple and sage cake forming a gorgeous combination of main course and dessert.

Day 7: Departure to your onward destination (a.m.)