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International Antique Fairs Homestay 2018

International Antique Fairs Homestay 2018

Newark Antiques Fair
Looking for bargains to take home

Combine the friendliness and relaxation of an English countryside homestay with the opportunities and excitement of antique buying at a variety of world renowned and well stocked venues. We will use our local knowledge to help you to derive the maximum chance of access to the antiques of your choice and to secure your purchases with the best possible discounts. Whether you wish to shop for antique lace, linen, jewellery, ceramics, silver, gold or furniture, we can be of help to you.

Shopping at Hemswell
Cabinets full of antiques and collectables

This fantastic homestay package will appeal to professional antique dealers from overseas and is also suitable for the antiques enthusiast who enjoys antiques as a hobby, as there is no necessity to buy. We can assist guests who wish to buy with our links with local freight forwarders who can arrange the collection and shipment of larger antiques. Having followed our interest in international antiques when living in Japan, we have a good awareness of the British and European antiques which are popular with the Japanese public. We also have knowledge of locating rarer antiques for the specialist collector.

Silver items inside the pavilion.
Shopping for antique lace and linen.

The days will be full of enjoyment of and learning about the antiques world. Visit antique shops in local towns, visit the well stocked and friendly Newark Antiques Ltd. Browse the antiques at Hemswell, the largest antique centre in Europe.  Attend the very large Lincolnshire Antiques and Home Show and the Newark International Antique Fair which is the largest event of its kind in Europe.

At the end of each day you can return to your homestay accommodation in the heart of the English countryside. Transport will be provided throughout, making your homestay as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Additional services at extra cost

Please let us know if you require a Japanese native speaker to accompany buying trips and we can arrange this service.

Let us know of your interests in advance of your stay and we can start to source items of your particular taste in advance of your arrival. This will maximise your shopping opportunities during your homestay.

We also offer a sourcing and shipping service for the antique buyer who is not able to travel to England but wants to buy from Japan. E-mail us information about antiques you want to buy. We can source and photograph antiques we think fit your requirements, purchase on your behalf after your confirmation and arrange shipping. Please contact us for this service.

International Antique Fairs Homestay Package Price: 7 Day (6 Nights) £966.00
Dates available 

Sunday 27th May to Saturday 2nd June 2018
Sunday 29th July to Saturday 4th August 2018
Sunday 7th October to Saturday 13th October 2018
Sunday 2nd December to Saturday 8th December 2018


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Example Schedule

Afternoon Arrival at Homestay

Linconshire Antiques & Home Show - First Day

Newark Antiques Trail

Hemswell Antiques Centre

Newark International Antiques Fair - First Day

Visit Local Antique Shops

Morning Departure from Homestay