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Newton & The Paralympics

Newton & The Paralympics

Don’t miss tonight’s opening ceremony of the 2012 London Paralympic Games. It is set to be a spectacular event with scenes depicting the importance of Sir Isaac Newton in global science. There will be a special focus on his tree under which he discovered the ‘Theory of Gravity’.

Come along and homestay with us and see the real tree in the garden of Sir Isaac Newton’s birthplace. Tour the house where he was born and learn about his early life at Woolsthorpe Manor. Experiment at the fascinating science centre to experience many of his discoveries and theories.
We are a five minute drive away or a short ramble through beautiful countryside. Join us before the 3rd November when the house closes for its winter rest or next spring when it re-opens.
See more details of Gravity Fields and contact for us for details of specific opening times.
Sir Isaac Newton Homestay
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