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David Austin Blooming Marvelous!

David Austin Blooming Marvelous!

This week I paid a visit to the world famous David Austin rose garden. It was a feast for sore eyes and the perfume that wafted through the garden was a delight to experience. The roses were full of buds and flowers. I spoke with David Austin who told me that he has never seen the roses look so good. When asked why this was the case he said that it was down to the excessive moisture that the roses received in the wet spring.
Austin12.jpgIt was good to see some of the new introductions for 2012. I particularly like The Lark Ascending with its delicate apricot blooms. It has a light scent, but what it lacks in scent it gains in class. Ideal for the mixed border.
Boscobel, named after the nearby Boscobel House has a strong fragrance and beautiful, full shaped, salmon pink blooms when fully open. The foliage is attractive with the buds starting off red. The foliage is dark green and very healthy.
The third impressive new edition is the white, musk rose 'Tranquility'. It has almost perfect white blooms and is very useful as it has very few thorns making it ideal to place where people will brush past them and release the gentle apple blossom scent.austin12.1.jpg
As summer progresses make a visit to David Austin's rose garden to see the range of English Roses that could add beauty to your garden. We take people regularly to the garden. Please contact us for more information David Austin Rose Garden Visit.

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