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Birmingham versus Heathrow!

Birmingham versus Heathrow!

Most of our visitors choose to fly into London Heathrow but there are other options for those who do not wish to fly to London in 2018. There are very good flight options to Birmingham Airport that offer a quick change in Europe or the Middle East.

Airlines that fly to their respective countries and then onto Birmingham are;
KLM (via Amsterdam)
Air France (via Paris)
Swiss International Airlines (via Zurich)
Turkish Airlines (via Istanbul)
SAS (via Copenhagen)
ANA (via Brussels)
Emirates Airlines (via Dubai)

Another UK airport option is Stanstead Airport via a European changeover or Manchester Airport from the US or Canada.  Both airports have easy rail links to us. We can pick you up, free of charge, from one of our local railway stations, Melton Mowbray or Grantham. The choice is yours.

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