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Sir Isaac Newton Homestay

Sir Isaac Newton Homestay

The birthplace of Sir Isaac Newton

Enjoy this new homestay package which celebrates the life of one of the world's greatest scientists and mathematicians, Sir Isaac Newton. Newton was responsible for many scientific discoveries and developed the principles of modern physics.

Newton's birthplace Woolsthorpe Manor
Newton's bedroom

Woolsthorpe Manor, the birthplace of Sir Isaac Newton, is in the neighbouring village to Skillington. Visit the bedroom where Sir Isaac Newton was born and the bedroom where he carried out many of his experiments, as well as the exciting Science Centre.

The original apple tree
The apple tree where Newton discovered garvity.

Spend time in the orchard in which Newton made his discovery of the theory of gravity. See the famous apple tree. This tree is one of Britain's fifty most important trees, so is of great historic interest. Enjoy the modern sculpture celebrating Newton's discovery of gravity in the Grantham Sensory Garden.

Double rainbows over Skillington
Wildflower fields

Sir Isaac Newton is said to have visited Skillington to study the double rainbows that occur over the fields and it is said that he had schooling in the village. Enjoy time walking around the beautiful countryside which inspired him.

Isaac Newton's school
The splendid St Wulfram's church

See the King's School where Newton was a pupil in the local town of Grantham. Admire St Wulfram's church which Newton is believed to have depicted in one of his childhood drawings inside Woolsthorpe Manor. Take the short walk to Newton's statue.

Trinity College Cambridge

Enjoy a memorable day in Cambridge visiting Trinity College where Sir Isaac Newton studied. Stand in the Great Court before visiting the Wren Library where some of Newton's books are on display.

Trinity College, Cambridge

Finally take a look in Trinity College Chapel, the home of the famous Trinity College Choir. This is a great experience to remember from your day in Cambridge and your Sir Isaac Newton themed homestay.
**Available dates will depend on the opening times of the venues. Please check with us at the time of your homestay request **

Sir Isaac Newton Homestay:
4 Day (3 Nights) £588.00

Package includes the following :-

Private bedroom
Transport to and from the local Grantham railway station
English tutor or tour guide
All tuition and material fees
Transport to and from venues
Free Wi-Fi in all rooms

4 Day Example Schedule:

Day 1: Arrival at your homestay destination

Day 2: Newton in Grantham
See the places in Grantham in relation to Sir Isaac Newton, including where he went to school. View the beautiful church of St Wulfram where Newton went to worship as a schoolboy.
Have a picnic lunch in the delightful grounds of Stoke Rochford Hall. Enjoy walking in the garden and grounds where a stone obelisk stands in recognition of Newton.

Woolsthorpe Manor
Visit the birthplace of the great scientist Sir Isaac Newton and see the tree that the famous apple originated from. Explore the science centre which demonstrates many of his theories.

Day 3: Newton in Cambridge
Have a memorable day in Cambridge where Sir Isaac Newton studied at Trinity College. Stand in the Great Court and marvel at the magnificent building. See the library where some of Newton's books are on display. Look inside the intricate Trinity College Chapel before finishing your Newton experience.

Day 4: Departure to your onward destination.