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Be Part of Europe’s Biggest Antiques Event.

April 2013 offers a great opportunity to buy your antiques at two world renowned events. The Newark International Antiques Fair and the International and Home Antiques Fair will be held during the week beginning April 1st 2013. This is the perfect chance to purchase quality antiques and collectables at very reasonable prices and this is why these events are so popular with overseas buyers.
Why not experience the unique combination of the excitement and busy purchasing opportunities, with the relaxing evenings of English country homestay. This allows you to focus on sourcing and obtaining your prime antiques. Enjoying a comfortable home environment and food, personal transportation and knowledge of local antique availability make this an ideal opportunity for both the experienced antique buyer and anyone new to this exciting interest. For more details click International Antiques Week.
If you are not able to come for the April bargains then bookmark this website and look for our dates throughout 2013.

Christmas Shopping for International Antiques Week.

Don’t miss the last opportunity to shop at two of the major International Antiques and Home Fairs taking place in Newark at the beginning of December. Homestay with us and be transported to various venues so that you can search for those special bargains.

Popular with antique dealers or enthusiasts. These shows are not to be missed.

To find our more and to see the videos of the show click the link below
International Antiques Homestay

Welcome to Britain!

Come and homestay in England and enjoy the warm welcome the Olympians from around the world have received.

Relax in the friendly, safe atmosphere of the English countryside with Garden Connections. Experience cultural learning and make friendships that can last a lifetime.
See our homestay options to choose your favourite activities.
Just like the Olympic and Paralympic athletes, you are invited to Britain!

Welcome to Britain

Come and homestay in England and enjoy the warm welcome the Olympians from around the world have received.

Relax in the friendly, safe atmosphere of the English countryside with Garden Connections. Experience cultural learning and make friendships that can last a lifetime.

See our homestay options to choose your favourite activities.

Just like the Olympic and Paralympic athletes, you are invited to Britain!

The Iron Lady’s Selling Power

A suit worn by Baroness Margaret Thatcher was today sold at Christies Auction House for a staggering GBP25,000. The suit estimated at GBP1,000 to GBP1,500 was one of seven offered for sale by a private collector. In total the seven suits raised GBP73,125.

There is growing interest in Margaret Thatcher since the film The Iron Lady was produced. This is great news for our local town of Grantham and for our village where a young Margaret used to accompany her father to church.

If you are interested in seeing the house (above) where she was born and the areas where she grew up then come and homestay with us and learn about one of the most powerful women in political history.

Gold Medal for Newton!

Skillington’s most famous neighbour played the major role in the Paralympic Opening Ceremony last night.

Over 60,000 people in the stadium and millions of viewers around the world watched as Miranda from Shakespeare’s, The Tempest went on her journey of discovery. This showed her the discovery of gravity in the gardens at Woolsthorpe Manor, the birthplace of Sir Isaac Newton.

Do you want to go and sit in the garden as the young Isaac Newton did when he discovered the Theory of Gravity? If so come and homestay with us in the village of Skillington that Isaac Newton loved for it’s rainbows and interesting skies. Enjoy exploring his home and garden containing the iconic tree as well as the beautiful countryside.

Join us between the 21st-28th September for the first ever Gravity Fields Festival created to celebrate the achievements of the world’s most important scientist.

Newton & The Paralympics

Don’t miss tonight’s opening ceremony of the 2012 London Paralympic Games. It is set to be a spectacular event with scenes depicting the importance of Sir Isaac Newton in global science. There will be a special focus on his tree under which he discovered the ‘Theory of Gravity’.

Come along and homestay with us and see the real tree in the garden of Sir Isaac Newton’s birthplace. Tour the house where he was born and learn about his early life at Woolsthorpe Manor. Experiment at the fascinating science centre to experience many of his discoveries and theories.
We are a five minute drive away or a short ramble through beautiful countryside. Join us before the 3rd November when the house closes for its winter rest or next spring when it re-opens.
See more details of Gravity Fields and contact for us for details of specific opening times.
Sir Isaac Newton Homestay

Fantastic London Olympic Opening Ceremony

What a fantastic opening ceremony to the 2012 London Olympics watched by over a billion people worldwide. The viewer saw a brief history of Great Britain from the rural green and pleasant land to the hard Industrial Revolution. The rest of our history continued up to the modern day all done to the soundtrack of famous British music.
Humour was abound with the introduction of the world famous Mr Bean. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II made her acting debut with James Bond and another British icon Paul McCartney played to the crowd in the stadium and people watching on television throughout the world.
If you enjoyed the ceremony and thought that the scenes of British, rural life looked romantic why not come and homestay with us in Skillington and personally experience our beautiful country life for yourself. We look forward to welcoming you.
To experience real English country life and culture find out more details Homestay England.

Olympic Afternoon Tea

The time is here. The opening ceremony for the 2012 London Olympics is a few hours away. Yukie, our homestay guest from Japan enjoyed a pre-Olympic traditional afternoon tea with us. Yukie did a great job making scones and sandwiches which we all enjoyed.

If you like the idea of learning how to make a traditional afternoon tea while you are in England then please come and visit us. Escape from the hustle and bustle of the London Olympics and come and homestay in the beautiful English countryside. We are only 1 hour and 10 minutes away from London by train so we are ideally placed for your afternoon tea experience.
We look forward to welcoming you.

Chelsea Flower Show Homestay

Time is running out. Only one place left on our 2012 Chelsea Flower Show Homestay.

Highlights of the homestay include:

– Private garden visits with the opportunity to interact with the garden owners.
– Visit local country houses & gardens.
– Gardening lesson from your professional gardener host.
– Visit to the birthplace of Sir Isaac Newton and home of the  famous apple tree where he discovered gravity.
– All day ticket to the 2012 Chelsea Flower Show.

Tickets for the 2012 Chelsea Flower Show are now completely sold out so take this remaining opportunity to visit this gardening extravaganza and much, much more…